Ken Ingle

Ken Ingle

Chief Information Officer, Technology & Strategic Leader

The 21 Day Healthy Challenge

About 3 years ago I made the decision to make some major lifestyle changes and work to lose weight.  I thought that making small diet changes and starting to workout would be easy.  I was wrong.  It was hard!  I was however able to persevere, thanks to the help of my family, and lose nearly 70 lbs.

As we have worked through this holiday season, I have been like most and eaten more than I should while working out very little.  As a result my wife sent me the 21 day health challenge last night.  No junk for 21 days.

So today I start the 21 day junk food challenge and a new round of P90X3.  New Year is often a time for resolutions that become broken a few days later.  I have found that posting my resolution online for all to read helps me to stay on track.  Make your own health challenge and try to stick to it.  I can honestly say that losing 70 lbs changed the way I feel and has made me much more confident that I will be around to see my children grow up.  It is worth it.

Good luck on your New Year resolutions.